The 2018 USPSA National Championshipare where the best competitors from around the country come to compete in a demanding set of stages designed to test every aspect of their skill and equipment. This year’s match had the additional challenge of the event being broken into three different matches held consecutively over a nine-day period. Open, Carry Optics and PCC for the 1st, Production and Single Stack the 2nd, then Limited, Revolver and Limited10 the 3rd. Special recognition with an Aggregate Award was given to the top 20 competitors who completed all three matches. Only 65 of the 852 registered competitors competed in all three events, partly due to time commitments and also because of the physical and mental drain of shooting three different platforms over nine days with no time to transition or rest.

ASYM Team shooters Nils Jonasson and Ashley Rheuark competed in all three matches. Nils shot the Open, Single Stack and Limited divisions.  Nils would finish 6th overall in Open divisionwin Single Stack division with a 1st Place overall finish, and take 2nd overall in the Limited division. He ended the nine days of shooting with a highly respectable 2nd Place Aggregate for the combined event.

Ashley competed in the Carry Optics, Production, and Limited divisions.  She finish High Lady in Carry OpticsProduction, *and* Limited, becoming the first and only person to win all three events in their category in the same week. Ashley also finished 18th in the combined aggregate while competing against the entire field, male and female alike.


Nils spends most of his time shooting iron sights so Single Stack and Limited come naturally to him, but Open is somewhat of a challenge. Nils says transitioning between the dot and irons is difficult for him as they require him to change his focus, “Even now remembering the proper focus point when changing sighting systems is a constant battle.”

Ashley finished all three matches shooting a Glock 34 with custom work from Taran Tactical Innovations.  The only change she needed to make was for Carry Optics, adding a slide-mounted optic to her G34.  The one downside to this plan was that because the G34 is 9mm, she would be scored minor in Limited where many of her competitors would be scoring major.  Through more skill than luck,Ashley is one of the most accurate shooters competing, so this was a disadvantage easily overcome to secure the win.

We are exceedingly proud to have Nils and Ashley represent ASYM Precision Ammunition across the country and the world at major, National, and World Championships. Congratulations both of you!!!