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.223 55 gr REM Bulk Factory New Rounds


We have recreated our record breaking precision training load utilizing re-manufactured brass! This load delivers precision accuracy at a fraction of the cost!



Zero Bullet

Bullet Features
Jacketed Hollow Point

ASYM Brass – starline

1090 fps – 4”

Primary Use Type

Power Factor



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223 Rem  Bulk Factory New.

We have recreated our  55gr Precision Training load in 1000 rounds 223 ammo,  utilizing NEW brass! This load delivers precision accuracy at a great price! If you are requesting more than 5000 Rounds, please email us at

The Bullet – 55gr Hornady FMJ

A classic, tried and true, deadly accurate projectile. This bullet boast phenomenal performance to optimize the most out of your training and range time. The 55gr Hornady projectile has been a dominate performer in our Precision Training load. Full Metal Jacket Bullets are designed so that the bullet is completely encased in a hard metal jacket (except for the base), which is not intended to expand upon impact. The Boat Tail design is to provide a flatter trajectory and long range performance by raising the ballistic coefficient.

These bullets are primarily used for target shooting and plinking. Also ideal for varmint hunting, this bullet will deliver deep penetration and bone shattering results while also protecting the integrity of the pelt at the same time.

While these are well valued rounds, these rounds are loaded on the same machines as our match grade product to deliver the highest quality.

Powder- The Secret Sauce

This is the magic inside the case. We use a slow burning smokeless powder to reduce recoil and ensure repetitive accuracy each time you pull the trigger. This powder will reduce the carbon build up in your firearm and the wear and tear after a long days use at the range.


All rounds are boxer primed.

The shooter

We create what we want to shoot. We go though ammunition as a team pretty fast and the .223 bulk allows us to keep training. This load has been hand inspected and cases gauge to ensure you have maximum range training time and not worried about jamming issues or feeding problems.

Boxed in convenient 250 round packs and 1000 round bulk .223 REM packs.

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Box of 50 Rounds