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.40 140 gr Barnes SDX Self Defense Ammo



Barnes Bullet

Bullet Features
Hollow Point

.40 S&W


Primary Use Type
Self Defense / LE

1080′ FPS



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140 gr Barnes SDX 40 S&W Ammunition

Solid Copper. Solid Penetration and Expansion. SOLID DEFENSE XTM (SDX). Your 40 S&W deserves the best.

Ultimate Fighting Bullet in the 40 S&W

ASYM PRECISION SOLID DEFENSE XTM (SDX) features the ultra premium Barnes 140 gr Barnes TAC-XP bullet. This incredible bullet offers:

  • Phenomenal terminal performance – impressive tissue damage and wound cavities
  • Reliable expansion up to 1″ in diameter
  • Deep penetration, even through intermediate barriers such as glass, sheet metal and denim
  • No core/jacket separation
  • Certified lead free bullet
  • Impressive Short Barrel performance, due to low expansion velocity threshold and careful powder selection

Match Grade Nickel Plated Case

ASYM SDX is loaded in best quality, USA made brass. It is nickel plated for corrosion resistance in a defensive/tactical load.

Premium Low Flash Propellant

The very finest propellant for the application is used. Extensive testing of every available suitable powder led us to determine the optimal propellant for this premium defensive load. It allows us to deliver extreme consistency, low flash and the best performance, even in short barrel pistols. We use a powder that will reduce how much you need to clean your firearm and increase your confidence behind the weapon.


ASYM SDX  is, designed for functional reliability and controllability in all weapon systems. It is loaded to a pressure level that delivers outstanding bullet performance, yet does not overly stress the weapon or shooter. Recoil is even less than standard 40 S&W loads and designed for proper expansion.

Every single bullet is hand inspected and case gauged to ensure flawless feed and function. We want to be able to give you the upper hand in every opportunity.

We only use the best MADE IN USA primers for reliable ignition

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Box of 20 Rounds, Case of 500 Rounds