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.45 230 gr Factory Re-manufactured


Consistent function and reliability



Bullet Features
(CMJ) Complete Metal Jacket (RN) – Round Nose

Mixed Head-Stamped Once Fired Brass

850 fps – 5”

Primary Use Type



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Accurate reloading with the highest quality- Bulk 45 ACP

Introducing our brand new product line of once-fired re-manufactured range ammunition. Loaded on state of the art machines for accurate reloadingThis bulk 45 ACP 230gr load mimics our 230gr Practical Match giving you match grade accuracy at a discount price. Hand selected once-fired brass is our starting base, we then add a 230 gr projectile and our proprietary ultra clean burning powder to create a range load that dominates the field. We strive towards perfection, and refuse to put out a sub par product. Our range line is born on the same machines that produce our premium ammunition line and must meet our rigorous quality expectations. Give your weapon what it deserves.

If you are looking for an accurate reloading option that is highly cost effective and has outstanding quality look no further. We load this round at a reduced recoil load giving the shooter a more controllable kick back. The reloaded case has been hand inspected and gauged to ensure flawless feed and function. This bulk 45 ACP comes in convenient 250 round boxes, perfect for a day trip to the range.

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250 Rounds Bulk, Bulk Package 1,000 Rounds