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5.56 x 45mm NATO 55 gr Hornady FMJ Precision Training


Consistent function and reliability

5.56x45mm NATO



Bullet Features
Full Metal Jacket

Lakecity Brass

3120 fps – 20”

Primary Use Type



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Are you looking for the highest quality 5.56 x 45 mm rounds available? These Hornady 55gr FMJ rounds will keep you on target and on the field. This 5.56 x 45 mm cartridge has been hand inspected and gauged before they left our factory, giving you the confidence you need during the times you need it the most.

These are best suited for 1:9” barrel twist rifles due to their lighter nature. If you have a tighter 1:8” or 1:7” ASYM recommends looking into our 68gr 223 Tactical Match OTM. This round will stabilize better in a tighter twist and give you a higher level of accuracy for your exact setup. If you have any questions about what is best for your platform, contact us and we will gladly help pick the right rounds for your application and platform.We choose to use the highest quality products to give you the most consistent 5.56 training ammunition that you could possibly get.

We start with virgin Lake City brass, this base allows for us to have the most consistency we can get for our Range Training load. From there we utilize premier powders to create a smooth, clean burn that give you the reliability you are looking for in a range load. Our primers are OEM USA made and consistently loaded to a depth that balances safety as well as giving you a constant strike that will ignite the same way every time. Our final and most important component is the projectile. For our Precision Training we chose to use a Hornady Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail (FMJ BT) 55gr projectile. This is a proven projectile for accuracy and consistency as well as cannelures to help in chambering and creating consistent pressures while firing. Combining all of these gives us an extremely consistent, accurate range load that will serve you well.

As always, ASYM maintains a high level of quality control with all of our products. Each round is case gauged as well as visually inspected to ensure that you receive the highest quality product possible. This level of quality control allows us to have industry leading accuracy and precision from our products.

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Box of 50 Rounds, Case of 500 Rounds


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