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5.56 x 45mm NATO 55 gr V-Max Varmint Polymer Tipped


The New Standard in Varmint Hunting

5.56x45mm NATO



Bullet Features
Hollow Point Tipped

Lakecity Brass

3060 fps- 24″

Primary Use Type
Competition Hunting



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Pushing the most out of your 223 rifle is always the goal with ASYM. And with the 55 gr V-Max you can do just that!

The V-Max projectile was built to be a match grade round that produces exceptional expansion at all velocities as well as having an extremely flat trajectory. With this load you can conduct varmint hunting and expect to achieve consistent expansion out to 500 yards. Combine that with premium powders, virgin Lake City brass, and premium USA made OEM primers and you have a winning combination for all our rifles needs.

This round can be utilized in a variety of different applications to include practicing at the range, short to medium range matches, and varmint hunting. This is meant to push the limits of your weapon system and push the limits of what you have. Most accuracy from a rifle comes from the ammunition used be the weapon itself, so give them a try and see the true accuracy of your rifle!

Precision loading techniques ensuring concentricity, uniformity of bullet pull, seating depth and consistent powder charges yield highly accurate cartridges which will perform when precision is needed most. And as with all ASYM Precision Ammunition, each round we produce is chamber checked as well as hand inspected for defects and deformities that potentially could have occurred during the manufacturing process. Once all of these are combined, the ASYM 55 gr V-Max is one of the best performing 55 gr 223 rounds on the market.

The 55 gr V-Max round is recommended for barrels with a 1:9” twist. If you have a 1:8” or 1:7” twist ASYM recommends our 75gr Tactical Match OTM .223 Round or our 77gr SMK OTM 223 round to get the most out of you specific weapons system.


3060 FPS- 24” Test Barrel

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Box of 50 Rounds, Case of 500 Rounds


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