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9mm Luger 147 gr Factory Re-Manufactured Rounds


This 147gr Factory Reloaded bulk 9mm ammo is designed for reduced recoil to ease the comfort of new shooters, at the same time deliver match grade quality

9mm Luger


Bullet Features
(CMJ) Complete Metal Jacket (RN) – Round Nose

Mixed Headstamped Once Fired Brass

925FPS- 4.48″ Barrel

Primary Use Type



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Taking re-manufactured ammunition to the next level. ASYM Precision proudly brings our renowned quality, consistency, and award winning skills to the re-manufactured market! Our 1000 rounds  of  9mm ammo has been loaded with quality in mind. This load is tailored to new shooters shooting a gun for the first time and competitive shooters looking to step up their game. These rounds are soft shooting and have reduced recoil.

Most people are concerned that re-manufactured rounds are sub-par as compared to new ammunition, we beg to differ. Brass cases can be reformed and re-purposed so they can be shot multiple times, as long as they are fully processed and cleaned then there is no reason to not reuse brass cases. Our re-manufactured rounds go through the same extensive quality control that our award winning ammunition does, and does so for a great price.

We start with once fired cases, which are cleaned, de-primed, swaged, fully resized and cleaned again to create the best possible platform for re-manufactured rounds to be based on. We then load these cases to the same rigorous standards as our other loads. Our powder is extremely clean burning and has a great consistency seen in the velocities. Top it all off with a 147gr projectile that not only performs well but is also subsonic!

That’s right, these rounds are sub sonic, so they are a great addition for suppressed weapons! This is a great practice round for those of you that do own suppressors and want to get the most of your suppressors. These rounds clock in at 925fps and have a very low deviance from that number, so worrying about breaking the sound barrier is never going to be an issue with these rounds.

The other added benefit from running a heavier projectile and a low velocity is that these make for great training rounds for any competition. With a 147gr pushing 925FPS you are at a 135.975 power factor, so enough wiggle room on the low end and plenty of room on the top end to be within minor power factors. So if you’re looking for a great training round for the range. This is a great way to get practice in!

Give our bulk 1000 rounds 9mm ammo a try and you won’t be disappointed that you did. We not only have 9mm, but 45ACP as well! Check them out here! And just like our 9mm, our 45ACP is held to the same rigorous standards as our match loaded and match winning ammunition.

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