SDX Barrier/Hunting 70 gr. Barnes TSX

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  • Box of 50 Rounds
  • Case of 500 Rounds


  • .223 Remington


  • 70


  • Barnes Bullet

Bullet Features

  • BT (boat tail)
  • Hollow Point


  • Lakecity Brass


  • 2800 fps - 20”

Primary Use Type

  • Hunting
  • Self Defense / LE


  • ASYM


  • New
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Solid Copper Performance

The Barnes TSX projectile has gained worldwide recognition as one of the deadliest, most dependable bullets you can use in a 223/5.56 platform. And thanks to it’s full copper design, the TSX round is a non-leaded projectile, this means that where laws require this is the best round to use for hunting applications.

“Barrier Blind” Performance

The Barnes TSX bullet offers tremendous performance against barriers such as auto glass and sheet metal. As it is solid in construction, there is no jacket to separate from its core, as with traditional bullets. The bullet stays intact after passing through intermediate barriers.

SBR Performance

This load performs particularly well in shorter barreled carbines, because it is designed to expand, not fragment. The expansion threshold for this bullet is approximately 1800 fps. Even fired from very short 10.5″ barreled carbines, this expansion velocity threshold is maintained out past 200 yds.

Hunting Applications

Additionally, this load performs very well as a hunting round on medium sized game such as deer and antelope.


Please note that this round requires a 1 in 8″ twist or faster barrels are required to stabilize this bullet.

Velocity: 2800 fps – 20″ Colt 5.56 NATO 1 in 7″ chrome lined

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Barnes Bullet

Bullet Features

BT (boat tail), Hollow Point



Primary Use Type

Hunting, Self Defense / LE

1 review for SDX Barrier/Hunting 70 gr. Barnes TSX

  1. Casey Casanova

    I’ve killed several hogs with these from a 14.5” AR15 and a 185# whitetail with a 20” Tikka T3; all DRT. These hammer game and are very accurate out of both guns.

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