Introducing our new Barnes .380 ACP for Self Defense.

Today marks a very exciting day for our company as we added not only a new product to our premium ammunition line but we added a WHOLE new caliber, the .380 ACP. We have decided to start with a .380 for self defense that packs a punch! The team at Asym just rants and raves about the amazing qualities Barnes Bullets supplies. So when the thought of adding a new product line came about, this company was our first thought. Here is some info on the .380 TAC- XP Full copper projectile.

Barnes TAC-XP Full Copper Bullet

Designed for law enforcement and personal defense, 100% Copper TAC-XP pistol bullets meet the requirements of lead-free practice environments. They maintain their original weight and track straight after being fired through intermediate barriers like car doors, plywood and automobile windshield glass. This round delivers superior penetration in even the smallest .380 carry weapons. The bullet is a large determine factor in how effective your 380 for self defense ammunition performs.

The Accuracy

Accuracy has been a primary focus for each and everyone of our product lines, before anything else matters, YOU MUST HIT YOUR INTENDED TARGET. This phenomenal bullet design properties boast an precision hollow point opening helping stabilize the projectile during flight. The length of the projectile requires us to use a fast burning powder, giving us the great opportunity to use some of the best and most accurate powders in the industry. Our low flash powder gives you the upper hand in the dark and on your target. Accuracy is something to look at when deciding on a new .380 for Self Defense and choosing your ammunition

The debate for using a 380 for self defense is something that every gun owner that has considered buying a .380 has had. Yet the absolute BEST thing to take away from that conversation is… ANY GUN IS BETTER THAN NO GUN! Once you have that part down, you are ready to purchase ammunition. The quality of your ammunition matters at some of the most important times of your life. So what should you look for in a .380 ACP ammunition for self defense?

9mm Barnes 115gr

Precision is our middle name! We won’t sell a single round if it does not meet our rigorous quality controls. Our loading machines are set to such tight tolerances to help assist the next world champion shooter dominate his match, or stop the next devastating intruder. We leave nothing up to chance and hand inspect every round ensuring proper feed and function. Once you receive your ammunition, TAKE IT TO THE RANGE! Know what your firearm feels like with defensive ammunition. Practice till you can do it under pressure. Owning a firearm is the first step in your safety, the next step is to get educated on safe handling of the firearm and hitting your intended target.

Don’t have a .380 ACP?

Have you notice we love Barnes Bullets? We have this amazing bullet loaded in 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP. This bullet brings it’s amazing dynamic expansion to each of our most popular calibers. The quality behind Barnes Bullets has helped us, build these amazing products.

Check out our new .380 80gr Barnes load now!