Whether you are deciding on your first firearm or your 10th, picking the right caliber and ammo types can be a big decision. Picking a caliber, when considered alone, brings about a unique set of factors to consider such as magazine capacity for a given weapon size, ammunition availability, felt recoil, weight and cost. 9mm is a great caliber that tends to stay cost effective, available and lower felt recoil. However, this caliber has some distinct advantages and each 9mm ammo type has a job that it specializes in.

Competition Ammunition Types

147gr FMJ Practical Match

The 147gr FMJ Practical match, is a 147 grain full metal jacket projectile. This round was designed to be the softest shooting minor power factor for USPSA and IPDA coming in at a power factor of 134.5. This round was used by Team Smith and Wesson, Captain Julie Golob, to win the 2010 Single Stack National Ladies title and 2010 IDPA National Ladies title. This round also helped Nils Jonasson to win the 2015 IDPA Indoor Nationals and 2015 IDPA World Championships. Pefect for range training and competitions.


115gr JHP Action Match

The infamous 115 grain Jacketed Hollow Point Action Match is a round that even though it has a Jacketed hollow point, this round should NOT be used for self defense. We have found the unique design and matched it with a fast burning powder to keep your sights on target and ensure feed and function. This is the exact load used by Team Smith and Wesson Captain Julie Golob to win 2 World Titles at the 2010 Steel Challenge. Action Match was purpose built for Steel Challenge and NRA Action Pistol/Bianchi Cup competitions.


147gr 9mm Factory Remanufactured

This load is tailored to new shooters shooting a gun for the first time and competitive shooters looking to step up their game. These rounds are soft shooting and have reduced recoil. They are cost effective and yet have unrivaled accuracy.  These Bulk 9mm rounds have been loaded on the same machines that produce our award winning competition loads.

Defensive Ammunition 9mm Ammo Types

A bullet MUST be on target and MUST penetrate enough to hit that target in order to be effective. When picking the right 9mm defensive ammo type, there are a few things you want to consider. First ensure that the round was made for a defensive application. Second Match your bullet type with your firearm and local laws. Last try out your everyday carry ammunition to ensure proper feed and function. Below is a guide to help you decide.

124gr Bonded Tactical

The 124gr Bonded Tactical features a jacketed lead projectile that has a copper plate that is bonded to the lead. This bonded technology enables the bullet to expand on soft tissue and increase it stopping power. This bullet has been picked up by many law enforcements as their round of choice due to it’s smooth feeding and accuracy.


115gr Barnes Hollow Point SDX

ASYM PRECISION SOLID DEFENSE TAC-XP (SDX) features the ultra premium Barnes TAC-XP bullet. This incredible bullet offers:

  • Phenomenal terminal performance – impressive tissue damage and wound cavities.
  • Reliable expansion up to .8″ in diameter.
  • Deep penetration, even through intermediate barriers such as glass, sheet metal and denim.
  • No core/jacket separation.
  • Certified lead free bullet.
  • Impressive Short Barrel performance, due to low expansion velocity threshold and careful powder selection.
  • Match Grade Nickel Plated Case.
  • ASYM SDX is loaded in best quality, USA made brass.  It is nickel plated for corrosion resistance in a defensive/tactical load.

Rarely in law enforcement does a topic stir a more passionate debate than the choice of handgun caliber made by a law enforcement organization. While most agencies are moving towards standardizing their firearms and moving to the high performance of the 9mm cartridge. You can reference their decision and research in helping you make yours. We hope that this guide has helped you find, and pick the right 9mm ammo types for you!