Target Practice Shooting Games

It’s range time! The weather is cooling off, now time for some target practice shooting games. First, safety! While shooting is awesome fun for many ages, be safe! We believe one of the best ways to get in great practice is to play shooting games. Shooting games hide the fact that you are training with your firearm, and having fun! Games are a great way to get a new shooter used to firing a firearm. These target practice shooting games are some that we have played and loved! They simulate our mind in ways to get better at shooting and get us to PRACTICE with our firearms.

Types of games


Get your poker face on! Playing cards on the range is the next step in great target practice shooting games. While this is not a new concept, it might be a fun addition to add into your mix. You can use playing cards or paper targets.


-Each contestant will be allowed five (5) shots at their target which will have 52 playing cards + joker on it.

-The round will be based on the scoring of 5-card stud poker. The poker hand will be determined by the official poker rules according to Hoyle.

-If the bullet hole breaks the card line it will count for that card

Best hand wins.



Target Practice shooting games can be a lot of fun when you get creative. The game of Horse is an easy game to play and great for new shooters.


The first shooter invents a shot. Pick the location, switch up hands, add a draw, or set a time limit.

The second shooter now has to recreate the shot based on the first shooters rules. If the first shooter did not make the shot the second shooter sets the rules for the next shot.

IF a shooter misses the shot he is require to make, they gain a letter. This type of game is better with steel targets as you get an audible report.

First one to spell H-O-R-S-E loses.

A New and Improved Target



Target Factory- These targets have become a regular item we grab before heading out.  Target factory makes great highly vibrant plastic shooting targets. These have been a true blessing for our standard range trips. We used to pack a few steel targets, dueling trees, and a ton of ammo, now we grab an A frame and a few bottles. These light weight shooting targets can take a serious beating. We hit these things with everything we have, 50 cal included. The A frames have a grove on top to place golf balls, clay pigeons or some poker cards for dynamic competition.


Target Practice shooting games require ammunition, while quality is a concern so is cost. We have created a few great loads to keep the bullets flying and beat your friends at these games. Check out our range line 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, 223/5.56, this ammo is packaged in convenient bulk 250, and 1,000 round packs.

What games do you like to play at the range?